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We humans love to celebrate Independence Day with BBQ's, fireworks, and fun - but our canine friends are not as fond of the loud noises and hullabaloo. We want you to enjoy yourself while also keeping your pets safe and comfortable. Read here for some tips on pet safety for your July 4th festivities.
On Thursday June 14, Angel City Pit Bulls' team attended the benefit premiere of the film "Shelter Me" in Santa Monica. Angelenos - the film will be airing this week on PBS - be sure to tune in!
Spring is a wonderful time of year, for all of us to start venturing out and enjoying the outdoors. Knowing which plants to avoid will ensure you and your pets can safely enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer!
Dog toys are essential in my doggy household. My two dogs love their toys! However, over time the money spent on toys adds up and by the end of a few months and several beat up and worn down toys, my bank account really takes a hit. I began looking for an alternative for more affordable toy options.
Did you know that being a foster volunteer entitles you to deduct many things from your taxes? Read to learn how!
Rattlesnake Season is here! Read up on the dangers, what to look out for, and how to protect yourself and your dogs in the coming warmer months ...
So you’re thinking about adopting a dog. Fantastic! Adopting a homeless dog may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However, whether this is your first dog or your tenth, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider before you even make your first trip to the shelter or adoption event...
I’m fairly new to the world of pit bulls. I rescued my first pit bulls about 2 years ago when I came into the care of a litter of 10 very young pups. I had no idea when I jumped at the opportunity to help them that I would be forever sucked in by the charming, devoted, goofy, loving and special personalities that make pit bulls so amazing (I mean really, I didn’t stand a chance!).
Dogs and Mailmen (or UPS guys, FedEx gals, or any delivery person for that matter...) For many people, picturing their dog and a delivery person at the front door instantly conjures up images of a traditional cartoon dog chasing the letter carrier down the street...
Here at Angel City Pit Bulls, our mission is to “Educate, Advocate, and Celebrate” all things pit bull. Today, we celebrate a very important legislative victory in our nation, thanks to the tireless efforts of many advocates and educators on behalf of pit bulls...


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