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"Shelter Me"

"Shelter Me" is a family-friendly, documentary style film that highlights three different, heartwarming tales about shelter dogs and the ways in which they are positively impacting our community.  Presented by Halo for Pets, a company co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres, "Shelter Me" is the first episode of what is intended to become a regular series on public television. 

This first edition shows how shelter pets are helping our returning war veterans cope with PTSD.  The filmmakers venture inside a women’s prison, where inmates train shelter dogs to become service animals for people with disabilities.  They also follow the journey of two stray dogs in Los Angeles, from the day they are picked up off of the streets and brought to the shelter until the day they become a beloved family pet. 

The goals of the film and its makers are to cast an encouraging, supportive light onto our animal shelters as well as their occupants - increasing traffic to those shelters as well as successful adoptions.   "Shelter Me" is about redemption, hope, helping others and making a difference.

Shelter Me Preview

For anyone who missed the premiere last Thursday - do not fret, you will have a chance to watch on your local PBS station!  Below is the viewing schedule for Southern California:

Huntington Beach / Los Angeles - PBS SoCaL
Tuesday, June 19 at 7 pm

San Bernardino - KVCR
Tuesday, June 19 at 9:30 pm

We are very excited at the opportunity for this to become a regular series, as we foresee the large number of people this message will reach and impact in a constructive, meaningful way.  We are also extremely grateful for the positive representation and commentary about pit bulls in particular.  A big "high five" from all of us at Angel City Pit Bulls to the film's creators!

We hope you enjoy the film as much as we have!