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Fozzie Bear, formerly known as Hodor has an amazing life. His story is a wonderful reminder that not every great adopter fits into a perfect mold, and as rescuers, we need to keep an open mind to different lifestyles and living situations. Nik was definitely not a typical adopter. For work he travels the country consulting for organic farmers, spending a lot of time in his vehicle.
Being an Angel City foster dog isn’t all “sits” and “downs”—our foster dogs get to have a lot of fun, too! We caught up with foster dog Gwennie after a fun morning in the Angeles National Forest to get her recap of the day.
We are so excited to announce that starting this Friday, October 10th, you can see Angel City foster dogs Steve and Sabrina on Kombucha Dog labels across Southern California.
What's it like being an Angel City foster dog? We put available foster dog Lindsey to work to show her adoring fans what she's up to during the day from her own perspective.
IT'S OFFICIAL - the ASICS LA Marathon goes to the dogs! We are so pleased to announce that Angel City Pit Bulls has been selected as an official charity partner of the 2014 ASICS Los Angeles Marathon on March 9, 2014.
We couldn't be more proud of our little alumus Elias, now known as Carter, for making it into this year's Puppy Bowl, featured on television's Animal Planet.
The ancient fable of the 'snow angel' hearkens back to a winter game, where children would lie on the ground, waving their arms and legs, leaving an impression of an angel in the snow. When the snow melted away, the physical form would dimish and disappear, but the spirit of the snow angel would transcend, forever looking after its creator. In loving memory of Angel City Pit Bulls' own snow angel, Sweetie ... we love you and miss you ... and will never, ever look the other way.
The third and final edition of our three-part PSA campaign, "I LOVE MY PIT BULL".
The second of our three-part PSA campaign, "I LOVE MY PIT BULL".
The first of our three-part PSA campaign, "I LOVE MY PIT BULL".


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