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January 2013

Back in December, Shorty Rossi of Pit Boss fame contacted Angel City Pit Bulls to see if would feature some adoptable dogs alongside him when he appeared as a guest on The Jeff Probst Show. We were honored and excited, and jumped at the opportunity to showcase our wonderful family companions to the national public.
The ancient fable of the 'snow angel' hearkens back to a winter game, where children would lie on the ground, waving their arms and legs, leaving an impression of an angel in the snow. When the snow melted away, the physical form would dimish and disappear, but the spirit of the snow angel would transcend, forever looking after its creator. In loving memory of Angel City Pit Bulls' own snow angel, Sweetie ... we love you and miss you ... and will never, ever look the other way.
Book your Valentine's Day pet portrait session today with photographer Sara Cozolino. Proceeds will benefit ACPB.
The third and final edition of our three-part PSA campaign, "I LOVE MY PIT BULL".
Meet Aimee. Just before the holidays Aimee was brought to the shelter as a stray ... young, undernourished and with a bad case of mange. With seemingly not a care in the world, Aimee sat in her kennel, happily wagging her tail while adopters overlooked her.
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