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25 Years Of Discrimination In Ohio Comes To An End

Here at Angel City Pit Bulls, our mission is to “Educate, Advocate, and Celebrate” all things pit bull. Today, we celebrate a very important legislative victory in our nation, thanks to the tireless efforts of many advocates and educators on behalf of pit bulls.

This morning, Governor Kasich of the State of Ohio signed HB-14 into law. No small accomplishment - this important legislative milestone comes after a 25 year period of opposition from canine experts and pit bull lovers. It was in 1987 when Ohio fist declared pit bulls as 'dangerous' in the eyes of the law, and prior to today, Ohio was the only state in our nation that maintains state wide legislation targeting the breed. Ohio was largely viewed as a significant stronghold in breed specific legislation; with this victory, the global stage will be forced to regard the merits of those efforts and this historic decision’s meaning and importance.

By a 67-30 margin, The Ohio House of Representatives voted to remove what has since been termed “The Ohio Pit Bull Ban”. Even after the vote, however, this bill was still subject to possible veto – but as of this morning, those fears are laid to rest. The law has been signed, ensuring a complete victory!

Pit bulls in Ohio will no longer be discriminated against purely on the basis of their breed. Twenty-five long years of profiling pit bulls has come to an end! Time to CELEBRATE!