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Happy Halloween from all of us at Angel City Pit Bulls!
Today is an extra special day for my family and our dogs... today is their birthday! Three years ago I was introduced to a litter of puppies; seven of them moved on to loving happy homes, but two remained. In the last three years I have learned and experienced so much and it’s all thanks to my two furry pit bull friends that go by the names Dozer and Theresa.
A maiden voyage to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah = epic expansion of the heart. Angel City Pit Bulls is honored to be a member of the No More Homeless Pets Coalition and NKLA, and to be aligned with the kind of people who founded this amazing place - a Mecca for animal lovers. The experience inspired me, and left me in great need of sharing with all of you, the very reasons I got there in the first place ...
Baby Blue and Baby Rose are about 7 weeks old and totally precious. They are available and will be vaccinated and spayed/neutered before adoption.
I met Mr. Bo Jingles in January, 2011. I read about his story, saw that face ... and, that was it. Next thing I knew, I was asking how I could find out about adoption ... and in particular, how I could adopt Bo ...


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