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Does Your Dog Have...A Gas Problem?

Feeding time tends to be a bit of chaos in many households, especially with bigger dogs who seem to swallow their entire bowl of food in one gulp. As biology would have it, the faster one eats, the harder for the body to digest the food, and therefore, gas tends to build up. If you are a pit bull owner I'm guessing this is all too familiar territory. The stench wafting through the air from your best buddy's bottom is probably not the most endearing trait about him, in fact, it might even make you want to move away from your so called soul-mate! 

Well, we have a solution! The easiest way to calm the flatulence frenzy is to control the speed at which your dog ingests his dinner. Now, we are not suggesting you spoon-feed Fido kibble by kibble, unless of course this brings you as much pleasure at it does him! Your dog can still dine solo while you prepare your own meal with his very own Petco Slow Feed Bowl! The physics of this miraculous bowl prevent your farty friend from guzzling his dinner before you can even say "here, boy." 

The design of the bowl simply slows down the eating process and allows the food to digest at a pace that prevents that post-dinner stink! There are many bowls and other devices that help to control gas, but we happen to really like this oddly shaped blue one. And we think you too will breathe a clean sigh of relief after feeding time instead of running for the nearest window!