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We Have A Winner!

In the wee hours of the morning, before the first light of dawn, Team ACPB gathered.  After months of training, rallying, and promoting the cause, tireless devotees donned their running shoes, their Angel City Pit Bulls team shirts, and their race numbers.  As the starting clock counted down, the heart rates climbed higher.  Today was the day

The exuberance required to run a course such as that set forth in this year's Hollywood Half Marathon challenges even the most accomplished of athletes.  When you are running with a purpose in your heart, the challenge becomes easier to surmount.  Each member of our team summoned the deepest parts of their hearts and souls ... and with every fall of their feet, every bead of sweat, every trickling tear, each of them knew that the real goal was never the finish line before their eyes - but rather, the prize of spreading the awareness we strive to exemplify.  Look out, everyone, because here comes Team ACPB - and, we're on a mission.  We're here to make the world a better place for pit bulls - one starting line, one agonizing hill, and one finishing line ribbon at a time.

The best part about these competitive kinds of events is that when we share them together ... we've already won.  For every two feet on the course that day, there were dozens of others showing their support by contributing funds to our cause.  We want to recognize one of our devoted volunteers - an invaluable foster mom as well as talented athlete - Zoki, Moose's foster mom.  For those of you who contributed to our cause, you likely saw her legs next to none other than Moose himself in our promotional materials for the race.  Not only did Zoki complete the course with an admirable time, but she also went above and beyond in her fundraising efforts - responsible for over 20% of the donations we received.  We honored Zoki with a generous gift to one of her favorite local athletic apparel venues.  Thank you, Zoki, for your tremendous contributions in so many areas!

As we announce our fundraising winner, we must proclaim that she's not the only winner we want to recognize.  The dogs are the real winner here, because of all of you.  It is your combined effort and support that make their dreams a reality.  We could never thank you all enough!   

We look forward to the next opportunity we'll have in the near future to put our feet to the pavement again.  Ready to join us?  Stay tuned to our website for future announcements about upcoming events and information on how you can become a part of Team ACPB.  Together, we're going to go far!