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Vote for ACPB In The What Works Contest!


To Vote:

  1. Click on the link below:
  2. Click the "votes" icon in the upper left of the photo identical to the one featured here
  3. Log into your Facebook or Twitter
  4. Click on "votes" again and your vote will count!

 *If you have both a Facebook and Twitter account you can vote twice! 

It almost seems too easy. We add a photo - any photo - of something that "works" and we are automatically in the running to win $500! How could we pass up this opportunity?!

GE and GOOD Corps teamed up to create the What Works Promotion for the month of February, through which entrants are invited each day to post a photo and caption describing in a positive fashion the people, places, things, organizations and other features of life that work by completing the statement “__________ works” on Entries will be posted after submission, and can be voted on by friends, family and fans until the end of the same day. 

Well this is where YOU come in! If you think ACPB is doing good work, and we hope you do (!) please give us a bark-out by voting for the adore-a-bull photo we posted of Chimay, an ACPB alumni.

We will be using the money to help pay for some of our recent medical cases, such as Disney and Phoebe.

Tell all your friends. Thanks so much for your support!


Volunteer Coordinator
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