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Volunteer Spotlight: Kricket

We first met Kricket at the LA Marathon Expo. Since then, she's been everywhere from pack hikes to Jefferson Park, and is joining Team ACPB for the charity half marathon challenge this year! 

When and how did you first get involved with ACPB?

I was working the LA Marathon Expo in March and walked past the ACPB booth. I saw the awesome t-shirts for sale and said, "I'll take 3"! I asked a ton of questions about the organization and what kind of volunteer opportunities they had. I had been involved in dog rescue quite a few years back when I lived in North Carolina and had been looking for the right opportunity to help again. A few days later I signed up and in April, I went on my first pack hike.

What do you do as an ACPB volunteer?

I mostly transport dogs from NKLA or Jefferson Park to pack hikes and volunteer at Jefferson Park for dog care shifts.

What has it been like volunteering at Jefferson Park?

I love Jefferson Park! It is my ultimate happy place! It was great to be a part of helping get the facility ready from pressure washing kennels to pulling weeds in the now SUPER cool play area for the dogs. My favorite thing is when it is spa day for the pups. Especially, if a new dog comes in during my shift. Getting them all fresh, clean and outfitted with their purple ACPB collar makes them feel so good and special! They know they are headed for a better life. If I could figure out a way to install some bunk beds at JP, I would probably move in with dogs.

What made you sign up to run for Team ACPB?

The decision was easy. I have always enjoyed running half marathons. Now, I get to help raise money in the process for these special dogs. It’s especially nice to have that extra motivation during training runs and on race day knowing that these dogs are depending on you to make a difference in their lives. Plus, I heard I could get sweet kisses from some ACPB doggos at the finish line and maybe a beer.

What's been the best part of volunteering? The most challenging?

The best part has been meeting tons of new people who love dogs as much as I do and getting the opportunity to help these amazing dogs find their forever homes. Being able to share my experiences on social media with all of these great dogs will hopefully help show everyone how truly great these dogs are. I enjoy helping be a part of the solution to change the stigma regarding pit bulls. The only challenge is that I want to take all the dogs home with me.

What would you say to someone who's on the fence about volunteering?

Come spend a day at Jefferson Park and it will convince you to join the fun. No contribution is too small. Even if you only have an hour or two a week, it means so much to these amazing dogs to spend time with you walking or just snuggling in their kennel. When you see their faces after spending time with them you will be back!

What has been your most memorable ACPB moment?

I would say giving Fuzzy Nelson his first bath when he was brought in at JP. His skin was in bad shape. The look on his face while he was getting his spa day treatment and receiving his purple ACPB collar was priceless. Can’t wait to see him fully transform! He is such a smart sweet boy!

Thank you, Kricket, for devoting your time to these dogs! Ready to sign up to volunteer? Fill out your application today!