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Teeny Tiny Petey Needs Your Help!

Meet Petey! He is ACPB's littlest teeniest tiniest foster in the history of our organization. Petey joined us at the beginning of June when he was networked to one of our directors through one of her students - he was one of a litter of 12 puppies and this 4-week old pup looked like he wasn't going to make it.

We took him in, hopeful that we could turn his future around. In return his family agreed to have their dogs spayed and neutered (YAY!). Petey is growing stronger every day in the care of his foster home - this little guy is a fighter! We are so excited to watch him grow up to be a strong and healthy pup.

Because Petey came to us in such poor health, his vet bills and continuing specialized care are going to make his puppyhood more expensive than average. That’s why we are asking for help from you—by giving a donation towards Petey’s care, you can help him grow into being the superstar we know he will be!

If you would like to help Petey, please visit our Donate page and if you would like to become a foster and help dogs in need like Petey, please email