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Support ACPB Through Ralphs Rewards!

What do grocery shopping and saving lives have in common, you ask? Lots!

Do you shop at Ralphs? Want to help pit bulls in Los Angeles, without spending a single dime extra? It's easy! All you have to do is register your Ralphs Rewards card, just once, and a portion of your grocery spending will be donated to Angel City Pit Bulls!

Ralphs has created a generous program supporting many charitable community initiatives. To give you an example of that generosity ‐ just take a look at the math: 

  • Let's say you spend $400 per month on groceries. Ralphs donates 3% to your charity ‐ so, $12 per month. That's $144 per year.
  • Now, let's say ten of your friends and family members sign up as well. If they spend the same ‐ that amount is now $1,444 per year!
  • Let's say each of your ten friends, tell ten of their friends ... that's almost $15,000 a year!

Easy, right? And, it doesn't cost a thing! All you have to do is sign up once, following these four simple steps: 

  1. Go to
  2. If you are a new customer, click on "Get Started, Sign Up Today" in the "Create An Account" section
  3. Follow the easy instructions to create your free account
  4. Once your account is created, on the "Profile" page, edit your Community Contribution information to list Angel City Pit Bulls ‐ our ID number is 93575

Do you use your phone number at the register, and don't have your Ralphs Rewards number handy? No problem! Just call 800‐660‐9003 to get your REWARDS card number. AND, if you are interested in the alternate SCANBAR method of member registration, just call 800‐443‐4438 or email your request to ‐ and a SCANBAR letter will be mailed to you.

You can confirm your account is setup the next time you visit Ralphs by looking at the bottom of your receipt ‐ it will read "At your request, Ralphs is donating to ANGEL CITY PIT BULLS" ‐ it is truly "money for nothing", and will go a long way to helping the many dogs we want to save!

Thank you for your support, and ... happy shopping!