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South LA Intervention Program Reaches Its Year End Goal in Just Two Months

We are thrilled to share the news that in just two months, the South LA Intervention Pilot Program has just surpassed its year-end goal of preventing 400 pets from entering the South LA shelter. 

Thanks to funding from Found Animals, the South LA Intervention Program can provide resources to community members who come to the shelter to surrender their pets. Ranging from providing free spay/neuter to helping fix broken fences, the services the program provides give families the support they need to keep their beloved pets.

ACPB is a proud supporter of the program, which is spearheaded by Downtown Dog Rescue and Amanda Arreola, the program’s only full time employee. Check out Downtown Dog Rescue's blog post detailing the results of the first two months and what they’ve learned so far. We hope the success of this program opens the door for more high-volume shelters to implement similar programs and keep pets where they belong: in the homes of their loving families.

If you would like to volunteer with the South LA Intervention Program, send us an email to to attend an orientation.