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New Best Friends Free Spay/Neuter Program in Los Angeles

Realizing the goal of a “No Kill Los Angeles” requires a multi-faceted approach that helps homeless pets get adopted out of shelters and also reduces the number of pets that are taken into shelters in the first place. An important aspect of reducing shelter intake is spay/neuter.

The idea is simple: If our animals are spayed/neutered, there will be no new (or accidental) litters, meaning we can focus on the thousands of dogs in our city who are already in shelters and in need of permanent homes.

A frequent reason owners cite for not having spayed or neutered their pets is that the cost is prohibitively expensive. In response to this feedback, many organizations now provide free or low cost spay/neuter surgeries for dogs and cats, especially in low-income areas.

However, now the free spay/neuter initiative is expanding to also address breeds that are overrepresented in our shelters. Best Friends Animal Society is offering an exciting program for Los Angeles City residents: Every pit bull, Chihuahua, and cat is eligible for free spay/neuter at their Mission Hills clinic, regardless of the owner’s financial ability. It couldn’t be easier! You just schedule an appointment, drop off your animal that morning, and pick him up that afternoon. Click here for their flyer.

To see if you are an LA City resident, check this list of zip codes (it covers more than you would think). Best Friends also offers free spay/neuter to all owned pets in District 7 (zip codes 91331, 91342, 91402, 91345, 91343) and to those who can provide proof of being on a financial assistance program.

If you have not yet had your pet spayed or neutered, we highly encourage you to check out Best Friends’ free and low cost spay/neuter programs or see our spay/neuter resources for more info. Have concerns about spaying or neutering your pet? Read the Humane Society’s Myths and Facts About Spaying and Neutering to learn more.