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Foster Friday: A Dog Named Moose (and a lot of other nicknames)


Moose, in all his gangly, clumsy, sweet and gentle glory, is our first foster dog house guest. Truth be told, we weren't totally convinced this was a good idea when we got a good look at all 65 lbs of him relative to all 30 lbs of our dog, Emma. Angel City Pits felt strongly that he was the right foster dog for us and we decided to give Moose a chance believing that Angel City Pits took him in to their rescue because he deserved a chance. Ultimately, that is what this whole rescue business is about: giving adoptable homeless pets a chance. So what is it about Moose that makes him so worthy of getting, what has sadly become elusive for many, a chance at finding a forever home?

Obviously, we checked the internet because that is where all good research starts. There wasn't much information on Moose on the internet, just a brief description and a couple of photos. We suppose in the end that Moose's back-story is, in many ways, irrelevant. What is relevant is that Moose came to us ready for adoption. Moose was already potty trained, crate trained and leash trained. All of his basic training was in order, including eye contact, walking on a leash, a lovely sit, an ENTHUSIASTIC down and even a special "high five" trick. He was healthy too. Since there was little to do other than providing this adoptable boy with a warm place to sleep, feedings and walks, we decided that we would help the rescue increase Moose's online presence. The best way to do that was to focus on highlighting his adoptability factors through photos, videos and narratives.

Why the heck have so many people decided that this guy is so adoptable...

LOOKS: John Stamoose
Moose is a very healthy and lean 65 lbs with modelesque long legs. He has shiny black fur with a lovely white tuxedo chest and wears little white socks and the tiniest bit of white on the tip of his tail. The white on his nose forms an upside down heart. Moose has what we like to refer to as "boyish good looks". Sometimes, when you get the right angle on him, he looks downright handsome. However, when he looks up at you square in the eyes with his ears back, he gives the cutest mush face ever. Perhaps this is because his head is so darn big? We don't know, but it sure elicits an irresistible desire to kiss his forehead.

Moose is so handsome, in fact, that Sirius Republic made him not only one of their Siriusly Adoptable dogs, but also one of their cover models.

CHARM: Mr. Mooseman
Moose loves people. He knows how to lay it on thick. As soon as anyone takes the lead with him, he wants to follow and give you as much love as possible. Moose takes great advantage of his size and uses it to pretend that he is a lap dog. He seems most content when he has managed to somehow get in to your lap or lay half way across your lap or snuggle his head behind your back. He has a special knack for folding his long legs into a puzzle so that he can make the smallest ball possible to squeeze in to spaces between people. As for people, we have yet to have a friend meet Moose who did not love him.

Moose has somehow even managed to charm Emma, who can be quite dog selective. We think it is the way he treats her so delicately, knowing that she is so much smaller than him. We also think it is because he lets her boss him around and be the little spitfire she wants to be. He has cajoled her into some serious sunbathing snuggle sessions. Every. Single. Day. He has charmed her in to sharing toys and playing tug and sharing the love of her mom and dad.

Moose is a goofball. He is gangly and clumsy. He makes us laugh every day. Sometimes it is when he enthusiastically moves all his blankets around in his crate. Sometimes it is when he gets so excited that he hops like a giant black and white rabbit. It really is best when he hops backwards creating the opportunity to make beeping noises as if he is a Mack truck backing up. Other times it is when he rubs his face into anything soft and fluffy and makes snorting noises. If any dog is good at sliding around and falling on it's head, it is Moose.

ENERGY: Sir Moose A Lot
Moose is low to medium to high energy. Moose is probably most special in this way. He is so flexible and happy go lucky, he just wants to do whatever you are doing. Moose is whatever energy suits your mood. If you want to lay on the couch all day watching football; Moose will lay on the couch all day and watch football (and yes, he actually watches tv). If you want to take an 8 mile hike; Moose will take an 8 mile hike. If you want to got for a 5 mile run; Moose will go for a 5 mile run. If you want to go to a potluck BBQ; Moose will go to a potluck BBQ. If you want to take him on a weekend adventure to the mountains; he will go on a weekend adventure to the mountains. And he will charm all your friends, the doggie day care lady, and other dogs along the way.

We realize that all the reasons we think Moose is adoptable will not be the same as everyone else. We don't believe that dogs are one size fits all. We do believe that a serious love connection has to happen for Moose to get his happy ever after. Until that happens, we care for him and get to know him as our wish list for him grows longer and longer. This will be until the day the right family comes along that decides to take a chance on him being a part of theirs.

Zorica Stancevic and Michael Kedor
Moose's Foster Parents