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Dog Man: Free Sunday Class at the LA Coliseum

Does your dog react to other dogs on leash? Does he pull on walks, no matter how many times you say "heel"? Does he just need some Sunday Funday morning exercise and mental stimulation? If this sounds like your dog, we suggest you bring him to Dog Man!

The ACPB team regularly attends Cornelius "Dog Man" Austin's Sunday morning Pit Bull class at the Los Angeles Coliseum almost every Sunday, when we don't have our adoption event. The class is a fantastic resource for you and your dog, as Dog Man teaches basic obedience, socialization, agility and leash walking - and even the occasional light trot! Dog Man has over 30 years of experience working with Pit Bull Terriers in South Los Angeles, and he is not shy to tell you to "get that dog outta my line," if Fido acts up.

The class meets on the East side of the Coliseum next to the Sports Arena. Make sure your dog has a leather leash and is at least 4 months old and vaccinated. There is a parking lot at Hoover and Martin Luther King just West of Figueroa. We hope to see you there!

Check out the Downtown Dog Rescue Blog for more info!

*Update February, 2015*
Many people have commented asking if this class is still happening. Until further notice, yes, this class is still in occurrence every Sunday at the Coliseum. All you need to do it show up with your dog, a leather (preferably) leash and as many treats as you can carry. For more information please visit the Downtown Dog Rescue Website.