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ACPB Volunteers At The South LA Shelter Vaccination Clinic

On Saturday, January 28th Angel City Pit Bulls gathered at the South Los Angeles Shelter to help with its very FIRST Vaccination Clinic! All dog owners in the 90018 were eligible for a FREE Spay/Neuter and Vaccines for their furry friends. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not have the proper information or resources about how paramount these procedures can be, and even more often they just don't have the means. This clinic was a fantastic way to educate residents in the area about the importance of preventing additional pregnancies and the spread of disease. 

The event was held nearby the clinic at Denker Recreation Center. Though the day started off a little slow (hey it was 7:30am!) we and our incredible volunteers helped about 35 locals fix and vaccinate their dogs! Perhaps traffic picked up when one of our volunteers (who is surprisingly fluent in Spanish) announced that we were giving out "vacaciones para gratis" which translates to free vacations! We quickly corrected her and informed the crowd that they were not actually on their way to Cabo!

The most rewarding part of our day was witnessing the many responsible pet owners who came to get their dogs fixed, vaccinated and licensed! We also enjoyed strolling the neighborhood and meeting the locals and their dogs (many who were already fixed and licensed YAY!) 

We will be participating in THREE additional vax clinics (same time, same place) including one THIS SATURDAY.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at We'd love to see you there!

Alumni Coordinator & Rockstar Volunteer

February 11 * February 25 * March 10
Denker Recreation Center
1550 W. 35th Place, Los Angeles 90018