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A Look at This Year’s Adoptable Puppy Groups

If there’s one thing that’s become clear this year, it’s that we can’t seem to resist puppies. Yes, they’re pretty darn cute, and yes, they get adopted in the blink of an eye, but those aren't the only reasons we leave the shelter with our arms full of adorableness on occasion. Pulling puppies gives us a chance to help at risk mamas and babies. It frees up a lot of room and resources in an already overcrowded and overworked shelter system. It ensures these puppies a better chance of survival.

Puppies are not available for adoption to the general public until at least 8 weeks of age. The longer a puppy stays in the shelter, the more at risk it is for coming down with Parvo, or some other illness from which it may not be able to recover. And since all of our puppies and mamas go directly to foster homes, it also gives them more opportunities to socialize earlier, thus creating a more well-balanced adult dog in the future.  

Another perk to taking in puppies: it gives us the chance to exercise our group naming creativity.

Although we’ve had big litters before, we first tried out using a theme to name our puppies when we pulled Cece and her puppies (Bambi, Faline, Flower, and Thumper) from South LA during No Kill December last year. Since then, we’ve had a great time coming up with new ideas for the litters that have come into our care.

Pro Bowl Puppies
Drew, Peyton, LeSean, Tebow, Brady, Montana, Wes: These are all names of talented football players. But more importantly, they were the names of our first puppy group of the new year, the Pro Bowl Puppies! We picked up the Pro Bowl Puppies from the South LA shelter in January, just in time for the game. All seven have since become stars in their own rights in their forever homes.

Deirdre’s Lucky 7

Deirdre came to us from the South LA shelter with her seven pups at the end of February. A generous volunteer fostered the whole family until the puppies were ready to be weaned—which happened to be right around St. Patrick’s Day. Deirdre and the Lucky 7 had the luck of the Irish on their side, and Mama and all of her pups (Megan, Alana, Colin, Ciara, Liam, Aiden and Erin) quickly found their forever homes.


Louis & Ella
In April we took in two little puppies from a Good Samaritan after their original owner could no longer care for them. After recovering from a case of mange, the two puppies were ready to be announced. Needing to name a boy and a girl, we couldn’t resist using the timing of Jazz Appreciation month as inspiration. Louis and Ella sang their way right into the hearts of their new parents, and are doing great in their forever homes.

The Outsiders

On a regular visit to the South LA shelter, one of the shelter workers took our founder aside to show her a group of eight puppies that needed placement—six boys and two girls. We couldn’t say no, and had their names all ready for them as soon as they came into our care. We had been waiting patiently for the stars to align so we could dub a group of puppies after the book and movie The Outsiders, so this group was a no-brainer. Sodapop, Johnny, Two-Bit, Marcia, Darrel and Dallas are now ready for adoption, and we’re sure they’ll be out of here in no time! Sorry folks, Cherry and Ponyboy are already taken.


So the next time you see that we've added a litter of puppies to our program, remember why.  Yes, they're cute, and yes, they're adoptable, but most importantly they have now survived.   

If you are interested in opening your home to adopt or foster one of our adorable pups, drop us a line at or