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Success stories

Tillie, formerly known as Mathilda, was our first happy tale from the Best Friends Super Adoption in April.
In the short time we have had Marshall in our foster program many people have fallen in love with him, but none have fallen as hard as his own foster dad.
Bonnie wasn't at our March adoption event... and we were so glad to know it was because she was at her new home, snuggling with big brother, Tank!
Tippi (fka Noelle) was officially adopted in March, 2012! Noelle's new family have renamed her Tippi after the actress and model Tippi Hedren, which is totally appropriate seeing as she is a total Hollywood starlet.
Virginia now lives in Mt Washington with a mom, dad, human sister, chihuahua and 2 cats. Her mom, Liz, wasn't ready for a new dog after her beloved pug, Nina died of cancer this fall.
Oliver - who is the neighbor of our amazing volunteer, Sandy - had been wanting to adopt a dog for a while. His father, Richard, had just retired and moved in with Oliver from the east coast...
Monkey (fka Ilene) is living the sweet life now in her new forever home! She was adopted by a her foster family: a loving couple and their dog Boomer, who is now best friends with Monkey girl.

Silly Willy came to ACPB in June of 2011. This handsome, hilarious boy spent more than half his life with us, and in that time not only tripled in size, but managed to capture everyone's hearts as well.

Darling, diesel, and demure- Miss Pippa was our first dog adopted in 2012!! Pippa was known for her giant head, tiny body and INCREDIBLE personality.  She has all the makings of a therapy dog.  Her foster family could not part with her and we were ecstatic when they told us they wanted to formally adopt her.  

Hope's forever family had JUST fallen in love with Pippa and applied to adopt her when they learned that her foster family had decided to keep her. Initially crestfallen, they decided to keep an open heart and mind when we told them we had a similar dog in our program with the same mellow temperament and potential therapy dog traits. Though truth be told they looked very different :-)


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