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Success stories

Saiorse (fka as Sienna) was one of the quickest adoptions we ever experienced! We met this perfect little girl at the Baldwin Park Shelter while volunteering on Christmas Eve. 

We found this little darling at the Baldwin Park Shelter, pancaked at the back of her cell, looking so sad and defeated she just broke our hearts in two. 

We rescued Cuddles from near death at the South Los Angeles Shelter, where she had a horrible case of bilateral pneumonia and was skin and bones (See that story here.) However these days we are happy to report that she is totally healthy and had been adopted by a hilarious comedian. Cuddles even has her own Facebook page! Click here to follow her!

Willow (fka Chloe) originally hailed from Baldwin Park Shelter in December of 2010. She attended her first adoption event that month and met a loving couple who ended up fostering and shortly after adopting her!

Tyson's dad told us, "It's  a blessing to have Tyson in my life. He is such a wonderful dog and I am very proud to have joined the ACPB association."  We could not agree more!  Turns out there is another blue pit named Tyson in this family, so they've been nicknamed "T1" and "T2". They get along so well and are so easy tempered and loving. 

Chimay's dad leads a very active lifestyle.  Surfing, skateboarding, bike name it!  When he came to Angel City Pits after his 15 year old pittie had passed away (RIP sweet girl), he wanted a "very high energy" dog.  Chimay fit the bill!  She can be seen riding the waves on Venice Beach and cruising down Venice Blvd. with her dad in tow on his skateboard.  You will know Chimay when you see her-  she will be the stunningly beautiful dog jogging by with the biggest grin on her face!  


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