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Saiorse (fka as Sienna) was one of the quickest adoptions we ever experienced! We met this perfect little girl at the Baldwin Park Shelter while volunteering on Christmas Eve. 

Her future foster parents were busy partaking in the lovely volunteer effort that assures every dog gets a treat, a toy, a blanket, and a walk (if healthy enough!) when they came across her cuteness in one of the cells. She was polite, connected, calm, collected, ADORABLE, and oh-so-sweet. We knew we had to save her. We waited impatiently until her hold period was up and she was legally available for us to pull… However, when we went to retrieve her, she had developed severe kennel cough. Since one of the dogs in her foster family's home is immune-compromised, we had to board Sienna at our vet's office for a week until she was no longer contagious.

However during that time, another (different) ACPB foster dog became sick after ingesting a rope toy, and we found ourselves stationed at the vet's office for hours awaiting news on his surgery. Getting restless, we decided to take little Sienna (who was there boarding) on a huge walk through the neighborhood and surrounding stores. We were actually strolling through HD Buttercup when we met Sienna's future family. Her dad, a personal trainer- originally from Ireland- fell instantly in love and told us he'd been looking for a little brown dog to adopt- and she was absolutely perfect. He said he loved pit bulls and she was literally everything he was picturing. We barely had her for 2 weeks and she was adopted!!! Her awesome and loving dad soon renamed her Saiorse, which we love, and means... Freedom :-)