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Success stories

Nicole, now known as Harper Blu, found her forever family alongside a big sister who loves younger dogs.
Braxton has been adopted! This happy low-rider met a wonderful adopter when she was at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center.
Cinnamon and Spice, now known as Toby, found wonderful adopters who take them exploring around town every chance they get.
Aya, formerly known as Pipetta, has been adopted! Happy Aya warmed her way into her forever home with kisses and hugs.
Talia is a blind puppy who joined us from the South LA Shelter. She found a wonderful home alongside a sweet sister who guides her around the house.
Sadie has been adopted! Sweet, lovable Sadie worked her charm on her adopters when they met her at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center.
Bubba found himself a wonderful home filled with lots of play dates and dress up parties!
Penelope, formerly known as Marley, hit it off right away with her big brother
Harley, formerly known as Summer, scored a wonderful family alongside two older dogs.


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