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TULIP HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Tulip was with us a long time. Over a year in fact. She spent a lot of that time at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center, where she was always a volunteer favorite, but no one ever really showed interest in adopting her. She went to a lot of events with us where she was always a hit, but still, no interest in adoption. We just couldn't figure it out, because she seemed like such a lovely, easy dog. But then along came Jennifer and her family, who, like us, just couldn't believe that no one else had snapped her up already. They were so in love the moment they met her, and couldn't wait to bring her home. They now share photos of Tulip living the good life just about every day. Now we know that Tulip was just waiting all that time, for her perfect family to walk into her life. Good things do come to those who wait. All of us at ACPB couldn't be more thrilled to have shared that year or so with Tulip so that we could watch her blossom in this wonderful home. Thank you to everyone who helped with Tulip's journey, and most importantly, thank you to her incredible new family for opening their hearts and home to her.