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Success stories

Harriet has been adopted! Hari, as her adopter calls her, was quite famous in our program.
Abe has been adopted! Abe the babe scored the perfect home with an active adopter whose weekends are filled with finding new trails to hike.
Bahama has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center!
Ruby, formerly known as Ethel, has been adopted!
Goose, formerly known as Florence, has been adopted!
Pup, formerly known as Justin, has been adopted! Handsome Pup was a foster that was too hard to give up.
Logan has been adopted! Handsome Logan was a favorite in our foster program.
Nala, formerly known as Sage, has been adopted from the NKLA pet adoption center!
Otto, formerly known as Zippy, has been adopted! This fun boy found the perfect active adopter.
Greta, formerly known as Etta, has been adopted! This pint-sized pit packs a lot of love in her.


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