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Success stories

Asher (fka Griffin) has been adopted! This is the final adoption story for Mandie's puppies. After contacting ACPB and meeting Asher, his new family fell in love. He is all settled in to his new home, and after receiving this photo of him in his beautiful dog bed, handmade by his new dad, we think he is going to have a very happy and posh life.
Stuart has been adopted! He was one of Mandie's puppies and he is now an ACPB alumnus! Stuart has settled nicely in to his forever home. During the day, he loves to go for walks and meeting new people and dogs! At night, he loves sitting by the fireplace for hours.
We are delighted to announce that sweet Carter (fka Elias) has been adopted by a lovely couple who have two other rescue dogs at home. They were looking for a male pup to complete their pack, and we know Carter will be one spoiled boy - going on lots of daily outings and having play dates with his new siblings.
Clyde (fka Clifford) was spotted at an adoption event and scooped up by a wonderful couple who fell head over heels for the little pup. They are all doing great in their home, Clyde is adapting to his new house, his crate and his family.
Wallie (fka Baby), the infamous cuddler met his forever mama and they instantly felt a connection. Look how happy he is cuddling in her arms now - and forever!
Jello (fka Franny) was a quiet, shy girl from the South LA shelter who needed just a bit of time and patience to come out of her shell. She blossomed in her foster home and after recovering from a serious respiratory infection, she was able to go her first adoption event.
Shorty Rossi was contacted by a friend of his to help Chip, but was leaving town and unable to take him. Shorty called us and we were able to take in little mr. adorable into one of our open foster homes. We brought Chip to Bow Wows and Meows where he met his equally adorable forever family.
Raider (fka Owen) is now officially an ACPB alumnus!! The low-rider affectionately known as "Bug" has been adopted. Raider is happily settled in to his forever home with his new human parents and doggie sibling.
Melissa, her fiance and two daughters were looking to add a puppy to their pack. They currently had two cats and a dog, so they thought sweet little Darla (fka Sydney) would be the perfect addition. She's been such a sweetheart and settled in almost immediately. She is the easiest puppy and they are in love.
Daisy (fka Clarice) was adopted by such a sweet forever family. She has settled in so nicely, sleeps through the night and spends her days playing with their cat - as you can see they even snuggle together now. The kids absolutely adore her and she's such a quick learner.


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