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Success stories

Minnie's new family had been patiently waiting for the right dog to adopt. About a year ago, they became friends with our adoptions coordinator and began their search for a new dog.
Harlow (fka Alana of the Lucky 7 puppies) has been adopted! Harlow's new mama saw her on Adopt-A-Pet and immediately submitted an adoption application.
Lilo (fka Erin of the Lucky 7 puppies) has been adopted! Lilo's new family had been looking for a second dog and became interested in a pit bull from their research. After speaking to the ACPB adoption coordinator and asking a lot of great questions about dog intros and training, they made the decision to adopt Lilo.
Benita & Toro (fka Ciara & Liam of the Lucky 7 puppies) have been adopted! Their new dad was referred to ACPB by one of our supporters. He was looking to adopt a brother and sister (he had adopted sibling Shepard mixes 13 years ago).
Colin (of the Lucky 7 puppies) has been adopted! Colin's new mama filled out an adoption questionnaire with ACPB after seeing him on Adopt-A-Pet. She is a shelter volunteer and was committed to adopting a puppy through a rescue or shelter.
Buxtehude (fka Aiden of the Lucky 7 puppies) has been adopted! Bux's new family was referred to ACPB by their veterinarian. They recently said goodbye to their pit bull and put in an adoption application for a puppy when we had one available.
Baloo's new family contacted ACPB with interest in fostering for us, and we thought Baloo was a great match. After he arrived at their home, it was only short while until they decided to officially change his status to adopted.
Quincy has been adopted! Sweet and gentle Quincy now lives in Downtown Los Angeles with his, equally sweet and gentle Dad.
Ava has been adopted! Ava's new mom said goodbye to her Rottweiler a year ago and she has since been yearning for another dog. Her husband arranged the meet and greet with Ava, and decided to move forward with the adoption as a surprise for his wife.
Boo (fka Peyton of the Pro Bowl Puppies) has been adopted! Boo is pictured below with her forever Mama. The smiles have not left their faces since the day she arrived in her new home.


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