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Success stories

Paige's family is a young couple who wanted to adopt a puppy. They are a really nice and we think they are going to be great parents. They like to hike, run, and swim and plan to do all these fun activities with Paige. Congratulations to Paige and her family!
Lola (fka Marcia of The Outsiders puppies) has been adopted! Lola's family attended the West Hollywood adoption event about 3 months ago. They filled out a questionnaire shortly after, but wanted to wait to adopt. We kept in touch with them as new dogs in our program became available for adoption.
Kingston (fka Darrel of The Outsiders puppies) has been adopted! Kingston's family was looking for a dog to adopt who could keep up with their active lifestyle. They saw him online, and when the opportunity came up to meet him at an adoption event, they were the first ones there to be sure no one else adopted him.
Ponyboy (of The Outsiders puppies) has been adopted. His new family are repeat adopters with Angel City Pit Bulls. In May 2011, they lost ACPB alum Sully to a sudden illness. He was loved very dearly by them and they were heartbroken. It took them two years before they finally saw another dog they were ready to open their hearts to - Ponyboy!
Dallas (of The Outsiders puppies) has been adopted! Dallas' parents met him at the adoption event hosted by The Hive Salon in Silver Lake. Dallas is settled in with his new parents and his fur-sibling, a 14-year old pit bull.
Jack (fka Sodapop of The Outsiders) has been adopted! Jack's parents are first time dog parents and asked us a lot of really good questions during the adoption process. They welcomed all the training and puppy-raising guidance from us.
Johnny (of The Outsider Puppies) has been adopted! Johnny's family are animal lovers through and through. During the adoption process, we learned about each and every pet they've loved and cared for in their home.
Cherry (of the Outsider Puppies) has been adopted! Cherry's parents were very much interested in adopting a puppy, but found that puppies were often in limited supply and adopted very quickly with rescues. So, they decided to adopt an adult dog and put in their application for an ACPB foster.
Amelia's foster family realized there was no way they could let her go after they recently experienced a medical scare and an obstruction was found in her digestive system.
Gilda has been adopted! Gilda's new mama had been looking for the right time to adopt the right dog for a couple years. She just graduated college and thought now would be the right time. Fortunately for Gilda, she was the right dog.


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