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Success stories

Granny (of the Idaho Girls) was adopted by her foster parents! Granny's parents recently lost their Jack Russell Terrier, Charlie. It was a terrible loss for their family, but especially for Granny's dad - Charlie was his right hand man.
Bahooka (fka Meadow) has been adopted! Bahooka's new family attended the NKLA Super Adoption with the intention of adopting a cat-friendly dog and she was the perfect fit!
Molly's new mama had been thinking about adopting a dog for a really long time and knew that she needed a dog that could balance apartment living with being great running partner and a buddy to her older cat - this would not be the easiest balance to find but we all knew that it was possible! Over the past couple of months, Molly's new family met a couple of ACPB dogs but the magic match finally happened at the NKLA Super Adoption event when they met her.
Shorty McCutie (fka Mitzie) has been adopted! Shorty's new mama attended the NKLA Super Adoption event with the hope of adopting a dog for their family. Fortunately for Shorty, she was also there looking for a family. The two parallel paths converged at our tents and Shorty was off to her new home.
Stella's family met her at the NKLA Super Adoption event. Their bull dog passed away recently and they didn't realize how badly their son wanted a new dog until they saw his eyes light up at our tent.
Querx (fka Ollie) has been adopted! An ACPB volunteer met Querx while transporting him between foster homes, and she fell head over heels for his sweet disposition, quirky ways, and unabashed love of life. She showed an amazing commitment to him during the adoption process, and we are happy to confirm that he is now part of her family.
Ella - Carlo's sister - has also been adopted! Apparently, Ella was not to be outdone by her brother Carlo (fka Louis), who had been adopted a few days earlier.
Carlo (fka Louis) has been adopted! Carlo's new dad is a sweet and loving man who contacted ACPB immediately after saying goodbye to his faithful four-legged best friend.
Shiloh has been adopted! Shiloh's new mama joined ACPB as a foster and volunteer earlier this year. After her own foster dog, Minnie was adopted, she met a couple of our other dogs ready to move into their new foster homes. Upon meeting sweet and mellow Shiloh, it was clear she was the one for her.
Stoli (fka Deidre) found her forever home after her new family was searching online for a cat-friendly dog. They immediately contacted ACPB to set up a meet and greet, which turned into a commitment to adopt.


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