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Success stories

Giselle's new mama was looking to add another 4-legged member to her family, which already includes a 12 year old pit bull mix, and a tri-pawed, named Amadeus. She searched for pit bull rescues, found us and saw that Giselle was at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center.
Nahla (fka Peanut) has been adopted! Nahla's new papa was not able to find another dog with whom he connected the way he does with her. He waited patiently, and once she became available again he jumped right on getting the paperwork signed!
Cricket has been adopted! Her adopters were referred to us by long time fosters with our organization. After seeing photos of adorable Cricket - they were hooked! Cricket was a timid girl when she came to Angel City, but she has come out of her shell tremendously, exhibiting a sweet and loving personality.
He is now the record holder for fastest adoption at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center and was brought home within hours of his arrival. Biscuit's parents have a 1 year old rescued miniature pinscher and had been looking for about 2 months for a bull terrier puppy. They heard an ad for the pet center on the radio, and since a few of their friends are involved in the No Kill movement in San Bernadino, their interest was piqued.
Gabby had been adopted! Gabby's family met her after a referral through one of our dedicated ACPB volunteers. After meeting a couple of our dogs, they felt that Gabby's mellow disposition was the best fit for their family.
The Hollywood Puppies have been adopted via the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! All nine of the pups have traveled different streets leading to the heart of Los Angeles and in their travels they have found their forever families.
Bentley's adopters contacted ACPB approximately 6 months ago expressing interest in adopting one of our dogs. They wanted to wait to adopt, but knew that once they were ready, they wanted everything in order so that the adoption could happen smoothly. Of course we were quite impressed with their planning skills and maturity, and we knew that when they were ready, they would be a great match for one of our dogs.
Dixie's mama has enjoyed the company of another rescued pit bull for 7-8 of years now as her roommate's pet. Her roommate recently announced that they were moving to another city and Dixie's mama was faced with the reality of not living with a dog in the house anymore. She got online to searched for pit bulls rescues and found ACPB.
Rosie (fka Mary Lou) has been adopted! Rosie's mama had been searching for the right dog who could join her and her cat, Otome in their home. After recently losing her dog of 17 years, she didn't want to rush into adopting. She met Rosie at her foster home, and then spent a couple days to decide to adopt her!
Luna (fka Nola) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Luna's new family was interested in adopting a dog and contacted us; after speaking with them, we suggested three of our adoptable dogs. As fate (or LA traffic) would have it, they were only able to meet Luna at the pet center, but that was okay because once they met this smart and adorable little girl, they had their hearts set on adopting her.


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