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Success stories

Charlie was rescued by ACPB in December and our fans helped us name him. Shortly after we posted him for the name game, he met with a family, who immediately fell in love with him.
Sweet Angelo (fka Timothy) met his forever family in December 2012 when they had an overnight visit with him. They knew the next morning they couldn't let him go, and decided to adopt him.
Bean is such a wonderful girl who loves a quiet, small living space - she doesn't even prefer a yard! Her foster mom had the perfect apartment life for Bean, and they were so compatible that she decided she had to keep her.
Sushi Lee and her Mama stopped by the adoption event this past weekend. Sushi Lee got to say hello to Mama Cece (her actual mom!) and everyone else.
Blanche (fka Flower) was spotted by a family that was looking to add another dog to their clan. They met Blanche and thought she would be the perfect addition. They think she is amazing and plan to train her to be a service dog like her older pit bull brother.
Tallulah's new dad contacted us about fostering after his dog passed away. He loved his dog more than anything, and he thought that Talullah looked exactly like her. After fostering Talullah her for a few days, he decided he wanted her forever and adopted her.
Sweetie, a former street dog from Watts, became an Angel City Pit Bull and has been adopted by her foster family. Sweetie is the happiest, most loving, silly girl; she is respectful and gets along great with everyone. She bonded so much with her foster bro and sis and foster mom that they decided they had to keep her.
We took in Ike (fka Disney) last Christmas from the shelter, and he was practically skin and bones. His health improved and he patiently waited for his forever home. Though Ike waited almost a whole year, it was worth the wait because he was adopted by the perfect family.
An interested adopter contacted ACPB wanting to meet Hanna, and when she did she knew right away that Hanna was meant to be her dog. Within the first day of adoption, Hanna was already walking better on her leash and getting along great with her new pal Stella Blue.
Beauty and Bandit (fka Benjamin and Betty) are a bonded pair who came to Angel City Pit Bulls inseparable; two peas in a pod. They play together, cuddle together, even look out for one another. While we knew it might take a little more time, we committed to them and to finding them the right home where their love story could continue to unfold.


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