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Beauty & Bandit Together Forever

Beauty and Bandit (fka Benjamin and Betty) are a bonded pair who came to Angel City Pit Bulls inseparable; two peas in a pod. They play together, cuddle together, even look out for one another. While we knew it might take a little more time, we committed to them and to finding them the right home where their love story could continue to unfold.

When we first met this darling couple, some longtime friends and followers of ours immediately came to mind; they had been wanting a dog, waiting for the right dog at the right time. When we told them about Beauty and Bandit, we were unsure what they'd think about the idea of two dogs instead of one; when they told us that they could not wait to meet them, our hearts all skipped a beat. The family made a several hour trek to Beauty and Bandit's foster home to meet them - and, the bond was immediate. A loving father, beautiful mother, two small adoring children, and a big yard by the sea ... we could not have dreamt up a better home if we tried.

We checked in on Beauty and Bandit soon after they had joined their new family to see how things were going. This is what we were told: "Well, if you think you are ever going to take them back ... you are going to have to take our oldest son, too. They're inseparable." And, the rest is history.

Congrats, Beauty and Bandit, on finding the forever home of your dreams!