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Success stories

Stella (fka Nina) came to us from the Camarillo Shelter. Stella lives with a wonderful couple who take advantage of her athletic abilities. Stella goes to Dogman classes at the Coliseum on Sundays, and gets to go for hikes and runs with her new dad quite often.
Sweet, smart, souful Annie (now called Xiaola) found her forever family! Xiaola just adores people, is great with children, and is incredibly connected. She had some interested adopters meet her and fall for her immediately.
Junior's foster dad kept debating whether he was ready to adopt his own dog, and after some time passed he made the decision to keep Junior forever! They are a great match and we couldn't be happier for both of them.
Georgia is our little tank of a girl! She is big and beefy yet so sweet and friendly. She is one of the those dogs whose love of life is truly infectious - you cant help but to smile when this girl enters the room. Her adopters feel the very same way about her and decided to take her home in June, 2012.
We took in Luna (now also called Lola!) at the Best Friends Super Adoption, and she was only with us for about a month before getting adopted at the Irvine Super Pet Adoption!
Moose joined the ACPB foster dog program over a year ago when we met him at the 2011 Best Friends Super Adoption. He came to us with a skin infection and other health issues. Moose bounced around a bit in his search to find the perfect foster home, but when he did get settled, he had a wonderful temporary family with a foster sister named Emma.
Penny makes friends everywhere she goes, and they become her fans. Two of those people were such big Penny fans that they just had to adopt her.
Maya, formerly known as Maude, was adopted in May 2012 by a wonderful woman who happens to be a horse trainer.
Lola, fka Addy, was very popular at last month's Best Friends Super Adoption, but one couple fell for her above and beyond all the others.
Callie was just hanging out at the Best Friends Super Adoption in April, 2012 when unbeknownst to many of us, a quiet gentleman came by to see her both days of the weekend.


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