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Moose Finally Found His Home

Moose joined the ACPB foster dog program over a year ago when we met him at the 2011 Best Friends Super Adoption. He came to us with a skin infection and other health issues. Moose bounced around a bit in his search to find the perfect foster home, but when he did get settled, he had a wonderful temporary family with a foster sister named Emma. 

Fast forward an entire year, Moose had attended numerous adoption events, meeting many interested adopters, but no one really had that true connection with him until he met his soon-to-be forever mom. She knew he was going to be her dog.

Moose's foster parents were so sad to say goodbye, but their parting was bitter sweet, because they knew he was on his way to bigger and better things - a permanent home. He had waited so patiently for his new life, and he really deserved it. 

Incidentally, Moose's forever mom came to sign the adoption papers and make everything official at this year's 2012 Best Friends Super Adoption. Everything had come full circle; Moose was adopted at the very same event through which he came into our lives. Moose is very happy in his new home, and getting more adjusted every day. He goes on 5-mile runs each day with his new guardian, and gets a lot of love. 

Moose will always have a special place in our hearts, as we all got the pleasure of getting to know him so well over the last year. We are so happy for him.

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