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Success stories

Maggie (fka Mandi) came our way via Long Beach along with her litter of puppies! Amazingly, Maggie was snatched up by an adopter before her puppies were even adopted.
Jessie (fka Lilly) was adopted by a loving family with two young children. After losing their beloved Cane Corso a few years ago, they were finally ready to add a new pup to the family.
Hank has been adopted by the daughter of the lovely family that was fostering him. If you are wondering why you've never heard of this handsome fellow before, it is because she decided she had to adopt him before we could announce his availability. Hank is settled wonderfully in his new home. Congratulations to Hank and his family!
Finn's new family recently had to say goodbye to their 10 year old pit bull, Nalu after he lost his battle against lymphoma; they were heartbroken. They saw Disney on the ACPB website who resembled Nalu when he was a puppy, and even though they hadn't planned on adopting another dog right away, they decided to stop by our adoption event with Molly's Mutts and Meows anyway.
Nickey and her family (husband, 9 year old son and dog, Zoe) agreed to foster 3 of the 5 Long Beach puppies, but when they heard 2 didn't have fosters lined up, they agreed to take all 5 knowing they couldn't leave two behind.
When faced with the idea of Linus meeting potential adopters at an adoption event, his foster family decided that Linus was already home, and invoked their foster privilege and adopted him!
Otis was being fostered by a lovely woman, Bebe, who lost her Am Staff a couple months ago. She was heartbroken, so she decided to volunteer with ACPB to be around some sweet dogs in need. Though she didn't think she was ready for another dog so soon after losing her last one, but her feelings changed when she met Otis.
Joe's new mom had been searching on adopt-a-pet and fell in love with sweet Joe at first glance. She has an awesome job where she can bring him to work with her every day, and they have a posh pad in Santa Monica, which is a very dog-friendly area.
After almost a year of fostering Dove, his incredible foster family made the decision that they just couldn't give him up. He now sleeps in bed and cuddles with them, as if he knows he is there to stay!
Long Beach puppy Jackson was quickly fostered with the intention to adopt by a wonderful couple who just fell for him right away. He is now all settled in to their home, loves to snuggle and play just as puppies do.


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