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Otis Is Adopted

Otis was being fostered by a lovely woman, Bebe, who lost her Am Staff a couple months ago. She was heartbroken, so she decided to volunteer with ACPB to be around some sweet dogs in need. Though she didn't think she was ready for another dog so soon after losing her last one, but her feelings changed when she met Otis.

She had mentioned possibly fostering for us, but only if it was for Otis. There was an undeniable connection between the two of them. About a week later we phoned her to see if she was interested in fostering him, and she jumped at the opportunity! It was only 2 days in when she knew she wanted to adopt him. Bebe is a Fitness Trainer and has sessions at the park where Otis now accompanies her. His two best buds are a pug and a Chihuahua that Bebe's mother rescued. Otis loves all the dogs in the building and is a celebrity with all the neighbors.