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Success stories

Little Abigail has grown up to be the best big sister ever!  Not long after Abby's parents adopted her, they took in a German Shepard rescue who would become Abby's little brother.  They adore each other and play play play!  

Henry is a big mellow boy. He's also known in the ACPB community as "Meatball".  He was adopted by one of ACPB's own and is doing great in her family! He is a wonderful foster brother to many of the ACPB dogs and for that, we thank him!

Charlotte was networked to us from our friends at SLA Shelter (who were calling her Mama Tutti at the time) and they were they right-on. This girl is fantastic! She has been adopted and is living the life!

Hazel (fka Shelby) was adopted by a loving young family and lives with her adopted doggie brother. From her photo you can see she gets special treats on her birthday! Read her entire story to see a great photo!

Meet... Lokie! This giant plush toy of a boy came to us by way of Baldwin Park County shelter. Previously, Lokie belonged to a homeless man who died, and so Lokie was taken into custody. He is a fun, playful guy - very much a giant puppy. He loves to play with other dogs and is just a big goofball. Lokie is always smiling and lives in his furver home with another ACPB Alum, Sugar!

Lacy is simply gorgeous with tons of love to give. Originally pulled from North Central Shelter. Knows sit, shake, down, and roll over. Lacy was adopted in the summer of 2011 by an amazing family who loves her dearly!



Sugar originally came to us with her brother Moe. Found together, originally being fostered together-- we had a dream they might even have been adopted together. See their original rescue video HERE.

Thanks to a joint venture between Operation Blankets of Love, Angel City Pit Bulls, and Dr. Jeff Werber of CVG, super sweet Sugar underwent surgeries to repair her injured hips... while her brother Moe went in for his leg amputation surgery February 15th, 2011. They both came through surgery well, however when they opened up Moe they found evidence of cancer, which was sadly soon confirmed. Moe went to a new adoptive home shortly thereafter so he could live out his days in peace. On the other end of the spectrum (thankfully!) Sugar is doing incredibly well, and barely seems to know she had surgery! She is in her furever home with another ACPB Alum, Lokie!

Little Miss Wigglebottoms! Our dear Holly cracks us up because her entire bum is always wagging (not just her tail!) Holly loves to smile and just wants to play and love all other dogs and people. She is incredibly social and happy, very interested in kissing every person she meets. She came to us back in December 2010 (hence her Holiday name!) when we got 2 mange puppies at the shelter...We helped her get well and get rid of her mange! These days she is one happy healthy playful cuddly pup! Thank you to all who shared her album, this girl was SO READY for her forever home and we are SO HAPPY she finally found it!!

Beautiful, sweet, love-a-bull Bella was approximately 3 years old when we met her. She was as gentle and loving as they come! She was brought into South LA shelter as a stray.

Waldo was an instant hit at the shelter due to his ridiculous good looks and simply fabulous personality. Always smiling, happy, yet mellow and gentle… Waldo had us at hello. 


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