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Bella Got the Best New Year’s Wish Ever…Adopted by an Amazing Family!

Beautiful, sweet, love-a-bull Bella was approximately 3 years old when we met her. She was as gentle and loving as they come! She was brought into South LA shelter as a stray. This poor girl's ears were cut off so horribly that she had terrible ear infections, as she has absolutely no protection for her ear canals.

She had also recently had puppies (who knows how many litters she has had.) She was immediately taken to our vet for some nasty ear infections due to the terrible crop job that had been untreated for far too long. She is super mellow and very attentive - GREAT on the leash - the kind of dog where you could drop the leash and she would still stay right by your side. Bella got the best New Year’s Wish ever…adopted by an amazing family! Her family loves her so much! What a "happy tail" for Miss Bella!

Bella loves going to the snow with her forever family. View her adorable snow photos below!