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Waldo Got A Home For The Holidays!

Waldo was an instant hit at the shelter due to his ridiculous good looks and simply fabulous personality. Always smiling, happy, yet mellow and gentle… Waldo had us at hello. 

We went to the shelter specifically because we had a foster spot open (in fact, it was because Daisy had been adopted by friends of her foster family!) and normally we always find it quite torturous to choose just one dog. But when we walked into the shelter, it was like a chorus of people singing to us we had to go meet Waldo and truly, they were spot on! He settled immediately into his foster home and did fabulously with training. He turned heads everywhere he went. His coat was simply amazing- a beautiful blue fawn brindle with white markings and the sparkliest happiest eyes you ever did see!

We took him to Irvine for the Home for the Holidays Adoption Event and it was there he met his love match. His mom had recently lost her own dog and was still quite heartbroken. She was just walking around the event, with the hope of trying to steel her mind into being OPEN for another dog. She wasn't actually ready yet. Well, until she saw Waldo. He was being carried around the event like a giant baby by one of our volunteers and he couldn't have been happier. Waldo's mom hadn't been looking for any particular breed, she didn't even know what size dog she had in mind… But it was Waldo's goofy, open, trusting, and super-connected personality, along with those gorgeous smiling eyes, that instantly melted her. She talked to us for quite awhile, took our card, and then left. And within 45 minutes, had turned her car around and was back at the event saying she couldn't let anyone else adopt him that day, she just knew she had found her dog.

Waldo now lives a joyful life with his mom that includes frequent visits to the Fire House where she works (so cool!) and several days a week in a playgroup at doggie day care. We are so grateful they are both so happy together now. Yay for Waldo!