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Molly Has Been Adopted!

Molly's new mama had been thinking about adopting a dog for a really long time and knew that she needed a dog that could balance apartment living with being great running partner and a buddy to her older cat - this would not be the easiest balance to find but we all knew that it was possible! Over the past couple of months, Molly's new family met a couple of ACPB dogs but the magic match finally happened at the NKLA Super Adoption event when they met her.

Molly was so quiet in her crate and when we took her out of the tents, she laid in the grass doing a froggy-doggy and rolling over for belly rubs. As she was being her adorable self we all fell a little bit more in love with Molly and her new family was hooked! Molly can now be seen at various dog friendly restaurants in Los Angeles, on the trails in Griffith Park, and at Dog Man training classes with her family. When they aren't busy being so active, she can be found in their apartment snuggling.

Molly was with ACPB for quite some time waiting for her perfect family - and we want to send a special thanks to her foster families who set Molly up for her happy ending because she found it.