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Granny Found Her Forever Home

Granny (of the Idaho Girls) was adopted by her foster parents! Granny's parents recently lost their Jack Russell Terrier, Charlie. It was a terrible loss for their family, but especially for Granny's dad - Charlie was his right hand man. It was really hard to even fathom their house without a dog given their relationship to Charlie and their entire family made up of grand-fur-kids (they had 7 dogs at their last Thanksgiving dinner!), but they were unsure of when they would be ready for another dog.

After Granny arrived at ACPB, we felt that she would be an amazing fit, and engaged them in fostering her. Granny is 10 years old and they know that they won't have many years with her, but they plan on making the ones they have incredible - she goes to work with them, gets home-cooked meals, and they are very excited to take her on vacation in their RV.

Granny's parents are high school sweethearts. They raised three boys together and their house is always so full of love and care - we are so happy that Granny is now part of their family. She has infused their beautiful home with happy dog energy and you can visibly see the joy in their eyes when they are together. From the day we got her, we thought Granny was special and so is her new family.