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Tippi Found An Amazing Home!

Tippi (fka Noelle) was officially adopted in March, 2012! Noelle's new family have renamed her Tippi after the actress and model Tippi Hedren, which is very appropriate seeing as she is a total Hollywood starlet.

When we met Tippi she had an outrageously bad case of mange, in fact all of her fur was missing. We gave her some TLC and over time her fur grew back and she became the gorgeous dog you see today. Tippi's foster family loved her very much, but knew that she would find an incredible forever home, which she did! That said, we just love this little girl and she certainly hit the jackpot with her new family. 

The family who adopted her recently had to say goodbye to their two beloved senior dogs due to health battles, which is very unfortunate, however Tippi is now their world and she is thriving in their home. 

Look how happy they all were when her adoption became official!

Photos featured below (from top left to bottom right): Tippi as a Hollywood starlet, Tippi when we first met her, Tippi with her new family, Tippi and Oscar - sadly, he recently passed away but they loved each other dearly.