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Phoebe Has Been Adopted!

Oliver - who is the neighbor of our amazing volunteer, Sandy - had been wanting to adopt a dog for a while. His father, Richard, had just retired and moved in with Oliver from the east coast. Oliver wanted to wait for Richard to retire and get settled out west so he could be part of the adoption process to make sure the dog would not only be a good companion for him but for his dad as well.

Oliver does a lot of work from home and since Richard is retired, he is always home - so Phoebe always has someone to hang out with! This was especially nice when Phoebe was recovering from her recent ACL surgery. They were able to provide her with all the special attention that she needed.

Phoebe has made a fairly speedy and smooth recovery and Richard is really enjoying his short walks with her. Both Oliver and Richard bonded with her very quickly! She’s the perfect amount of energy for both of the men in her life! She’s playful and will eventually be able to go on longer walks and hikes with Oliver once she’s fully recovered.

Phoebe's favorite thing is cuddle time on the sofa! She really is a perfect balance of energy for both of them. She’s also a very friendly and happy little girl and is starting to meet some of the dogs in the neighborhood. So far gets along with Wilbur best! Wilbur is Sandy's dog and fellow ACPB alumni.