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Success stories

Oakley (fka Lindsey) has been adopted! Oakley's family met and adopted her from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center​. They are an active young couple who were looking for an active young dog to add to their family, and Oakley was just the right fit for them.
Nina (fka Tallulah) has been adopted! Nina's dad put in an application for her when he saw her posted online. He met her at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center and was smitten from the moment they first met -- stating she was more perfect than he ever imagined. In order to adopt his girl, he relocated to dog-friendly housing.
Vasily (fka Bryce) has been adopted! Vasily's new mom is an ACPB volunteer who started volunteering at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center​ as well. It was at the center where she met Vasily and decided he was her dog!
Chico's family contacted us interested in adopting a second dog from ACPB, and they just felt that Chico was meant to be their new dog. They were committed to ensuring the whole household was set up for success, and Chico and his canine brother (ACPB alum Tyson, right) spent time with trainer Brandon Fouche prior to Chico officially coming home. Brandon was so pleased with with the boys and their interactions; they happily trotted off home together.
Mia's family contacted us with interest in adopting, so we set up a meet and greet with for them, with the hopes that Mia would be a great match. We were right, and now Mia is settled in with her new family, which includes a mellow canine sibling. They set both dogs up for success when Mia joined them by using crates and slow introductions.
Izzy's family met and adopted her while she was staying at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center. When they contacted us, we thought they were so fantastic that we wanted to move in with them. Instead we called the center and told them to please hold Izzy because her potential family was coming. We were there to meet them at the center and Izzy went home that day!
Alta's (fka Candy Cane) new dad was ready to adopt his very first dog, so he visited the NKLA Pet Adoption Center and met Candy Cane. Now, a happy family, Alta and her dad work on many commands, such as sit, lay down, wait, shake and even rap (their command for speak)!
Margo has been adopted! Margo's mom met and adopted her at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center. Margo is settled in her new home and is very loved. Her mom is extremely active so Margo is getting plenty of exercise. They are also enrolled in our ACPB Academy training classes. In her downtime, Margo enjoys time in her crate and gets to cuddle in bed at night. Congratulations to Margo and her new mom!
Penny (fka Gwennie) has been adopted! Penny's family completed an adoption questionnaire with us after they realized their home was not the same without a dog; their previous dog passed away and they missed the companionship. A meet and greet was set up and they fell hard for Penny, who has become their family member.
Luna (fka Squiggles) has been adopted! She was adopted by a young couple at the NKLA Adoption Weekend event. They attended the event hoping to adopt and found this sweet little girl.


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