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Success stories

Frankie has been adopted! With her silly personality, low-rider body type and incredibly cute bow-legged waddle, Frankie was a volunteer favorite. So it wasn't too surprising to us when one of our newest fosters scooped her up shortly after meeting her at one of our enrichment activities.
Pono (fka Wallace) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center. When we dropped by to visit Pono and his family, we had a tough time getting a photo because what you see below kept happening! Clearly Pono is pretty happy to be home.
Rex has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Joshua and Kelsey have been helping a family member care for a dog, and decided they really wanted a dog of their own. They headed to NKLA and found Rex and fell in love. Rex has been completely at ease from the second he entered their home. We're so happy this guy has found his forever home!
Our XL Muffin Puppies - Bailey fka Pumpkin Spice, Hazelnut fka Corn Bread, Penny fka Banana Nut, and Blueberry have all been adopted! These super social brindle babes came to us via the South LA shelter. They've found wonderful families who have already been taking advantage of our pack hikes and training classes to maintain their social skills.
Lola, fka Joy, has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center​! Lola came to us way back in 2013 when she had terrible skin problems and was very nervous in new situations. With time and a patient foster family, she healed both physically and emotionally, until she was finally ready to go to the NKLA Pet Adoption Center to find her forever family.
Meet Sarah, Penn, Layla and Olivia! Olivia (now called Jersey) was adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center. Sarah and Penn's first dog Layla had surgery not to long ago, and having a new doggie sister join the family has really encouraged her to get her much needed exercise so she can grow stronger. We are excited to see Olivia in such a happy, caring family.
Tilley has been adopted! Mike and Christina adopted Josie from us a little over a year ago. They were thinking about adding another dog to their pack, and when they saw Tilley's darling face they knew she was the one. The girls adore each other and act like long lost sisters. Thanks for choosing adoption ... again!
Violet, fka Reina has been adopted! You may recall she was the mama of our little reindeer pups that we took in just before Christmas in December 2014. Her little reindeer all went to fabulous homes, and it was finally her turn! She's even had the chance to reunite with a few of her pups at our ACPB Academy classes. We love seeing the family learn together!
Polly has been adopted! Casey has been checking the shelters for a while to find the right match for her older dog, Lily. Polly's happy, easy-going energy was a perfect fit. The girls have been getting to know each other slowly and enjoying their daily hikes after work. Congratulations on your new home, Polly!
We think these pictures say it all! Tess, now know as Mika has been adopted! She joins her brother Ajax and it looks like these two are going to have plenty of fun adventures with mom and dad. She also has a couple of cat siblings. That's one happy family!


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