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Last month, an animal cruelty case involving 63 pit bulls was discovered in Idaho when authorities came upon a triple homicide. Bad Rap flew to Idaho to support the Idaho Humane Society in the process of evaluating and rehoming the dogs.
In the dog world, the term “pit bull problem” seems to surface a lot. As advocates we ask ourselves “how do we solve the pit bull problem?”, “what are the solutions?” or even “is there a solution?”. There are times when it seems overwhelming - like pit bulls will always go against the grain in our society and both dogs and owners will suffer.
I first saw Smokey when I was scrolling down a facebook page and a photo caught my attention. My friend and teammate, Moises, had posted a picture of a bluenose pit bull puppy sitting on a skateboard. Wanting to know more about the puppy I sent Moises a message.
Our Angels In Waiting program was created to care for terminally ill or geriatric dogs that end up in the Los Angeles City and County Shelters. These dogs enter the shelters as strays or owner surrenders, and ultimately leave the shelter as our Angels.
It all started five years ago with Sports Illustrated. On the cover was a light brown dog sitting with her tail tucked and her head tilted to the side. One ear down, one up. When I first glanced at this picture I was fifteen and I knew little about pit bulls, so the image on the cover didn’t spark much of a reaction.


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