Welcome To Angel City Pit Bulls

Welcome to our site!  Our organization started as a group of like-minded pit bull fans doing independent rescue work and has grown into a collaborative and supportive village, dedicated to being a resource for everything pit bull in Los Angeles, the "City of Angels". Please join us as we Educate, Advocate and Celebrate these amazing dogs.


Meet Emily, one of our Jefferson Park shift leaders, ACPB Academy dog handler, and overall helpful volunteer! Emily is always ready to jump in to help, and has made a huge difference for our dogs--especially since she has a soft spot for the ones who are working on their manners! We are so lucky to have her as part of the ACPB family!

Featured Adoptable Dog

Anna may be pint-sized, but she’s packed full of personality and pizazz to fill your days with snuggles and fun! If you like your dogs filled to the brim with opinions, Anna is your girl. For example, you probably need to take a break from working right now--and Anna will be right there to drop her toy in your lap to remind you! Got snacks? Anna’s opinion is she should have some, too! Then snuggles and naps, then play time, then repeat. Equal parts silly, sweet, and sassy, Anna will bring you all the love and entertainment you could ever need.

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