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We know it can be difficult finding the perfect home for you and your dog. Here are some helpful links that we like with information, tips and search engines to assist with your house hunt.

Need recommendations for trainers? Veterinarians? Pet sitters, dog walkers, doggie day care, or boarding? Reiki for pets? Who to call if you've lost your dog? Where to go to get your dog therapy certified? Here is a list of some of our favorite resources here in Los Angeles for all that and more!

Are you an indie rescuer who needs help getting your dog adopted? Read more to learn about our courtesy listings.

Unfortunately, home owners and renters often encounter discrimination if they have a dog identified as “dangerous” or “blacklisted” from a pre-determined breed list. If you are experiencing this sort of issue, we highly recommend contacting the lovely people at Einhorn Insurance, here are some tips from their site.

BAD RAP is a fantastic organization in San Francisco whose lead we love to follow! They have some great articles on their website and in their blogs for pit bulls owners and lovers. Here are some of our favorites, which we highly recommend reading.

All of our Angel City Pit Bulls are placed in foster homes prior to being adopted out and typically we enroll them in class at Turnaround Training with Cinimon Clark. You can follow her program below as well, which we have found to be incredibly helpful in setting the tone for a healthy, respectful relationship for all in the home! Here is an introduction to her philosophy.

What to do if you have found a stray.

These days, there are TONS of resources in each city that offer low cost Spay/Neuter options. Below is a list of websites for you to check out both here in Los Angeles and beyond.

What to do if you need to find your dog a new home.

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