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Our Adoption Process

Angel City Pit Bulls has dogs that fall under the generic term 'pit bull' who demonstrate stable, fun, people-oriented, outgoing personalities - making them fantastic family dogs. We have a wide range of energy levels, so whether you are looking for a running partner or a potential “therapy dog”, we will typically have a dog that will fit the bill.

Our goal is to provide adopters with the best possible adopter-dog match and we will work with you to find a dog that is right for your situation. Most of the ACPB dogs live in multi-dog foster homes, and enjoy the company of other well-matched dogs and some even with well-matched cats. We are happy to assist with family pet introductions.

To get started, we will ask that you fill out our brief questionnaire below and we'll set up a meet and greet for the dog(s) you are interested in. When you are ready to move forward with the adoption, we will arrange a home delivery to help you get settled in with the newest member of your family. Resources, support, and education are always available, and you can expect an extensive level of knowledge and support from ACPB for the lifetime of your dog.

All dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations, and crate trained prior to adoption. We ask for an adoption fee of $250 for dogs over 6 months old, and $350 for a puppy under 6 months old. This non-taxdeductible contribution assists us in continuing our mission to help more dogs in need. We serve the Los Angeles area and parts of Southern California. Regrettably, we do not have the resources to adopt out of state.

For more info or to inquire about adoption, please fill out an Angel City Adoption Questionnaire or contact Shannon at

To see Courtesy Listed dogs available for adoption through independent rescuers, please click here.

Silly, sweet, and always ready for a treat, Ranger is the perfect around-the-house companion for whatever your day has in store. After getting to know you, Ranger turns into a major cuddler and is always ready to assist with your projects around the house, whether you’re working or binging Netflix. She’s also plenty happy to entertain herself by rolling around on the lawn or secretly and neatly burying her toys for safekeeping. She makes sure all of her masterpieces are unnoticeable and completely flush with the landscape.

If you need a smile on your face 24/7, you need to meet Peppa. In her opinion, every day is a Peppa Party, and everyone’s invited! Though Peppa is deaf, that doesn’t stop her from living in the moment--it doesn’t slow her down one bit on her quest to play with all the dogs and get pets from all the people.

Schwayze’s certain of one thing: adopt him and you’ll have the time of your life--and you’ll owe it all to him! Schwayze joined us through our partnership with Dogs Playing For Life’s Canine Center Florida, where he received several weeks of advanced training. Now he’s ready to take his talents to his future family.

Mandie may seem shy at first, but she’s got a silly side--all she needs is a patient home to let her show off her hilarious self! Her foster mom says, “She takes a few days to warm up, but once she does she’s hilariously goofy and really likes being around people and other dogs.” Once you see her ridiculous play moves, you’ll be hooked!

Hello Echo! This expressive boy is a master cuddler and shows lots of love to whoever’s around. Echo enjoys meeting new friends, even making the acquaintance of his kid neighbor. His fosters say if he could have a job, he might like driving for a ride share because it would combine his love of riding in the car and meeting new people!

With her unique markings and happy attitude, Arielle turns heads wherever she goes! This gorgeous girl has won over volunteers with her sweet demeanor and readiness for whatever activities the day brings. She has a nice flexible energy, which often expresses itself as a burst of happy excitement and then settles into a nice, calm rhythm.

Saint is a big teddy bear looking for a family who can provide lots of love and support. Saint is a volunteer favorite with his mushy personality, wiggly butt, and high IQ (this guy is smart, and loves to show off his signature “paw” move!).

Lennox is a swoonworthy good boy--you’d be hard pressed not to fall in love with him. He’s scoring A’s across the board on his foster report card. He’s described as a loose leash walker, friendly with all the people he’s met, great in his crate, and enjoys a car ride! Whether you’re at home or heading out for a socially-distant adventure, Lennox will be ready to be by your side.

Shenandoah is ready to live her best life of snuggling, soft blankets, and sunbathing with you! If you’re looking for her, you’ll probably find her in the softest, warmest spot in the house, happily curled up for a snooze. Shenandoah is the ultimate movie night buddy, and will glady unwind with you over a bowl of popcorn and your favorite shows.

Leo has a new lease on life and he’s ready to kick it off with his future family! This sweet boy originally joined us from the South LA shelter with suspected bladder cancer. Many tests and a surgery later, it was confirmed that Leo simply had some bladder stones and a mass that needed to be removed--and since then, he’s been living large! In fact, his foster family says if Leo could pick a job, it would be as a tour guide on a double decker bus. He loves meeting new people and letting the wind blow through his ears as he takes in the scenery!


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