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T Bone

T-Bone was in the right place at the right time...well, in a way. His story, at least the part we know, starts with him being hit by a car in front of the house of a couple of our volunteers. When they rushed out to see if he was ok, he greeted them as if nothing had happened. Turns out he was fine., but, he needed to spend a few days at the South LA shelter to see if anyone was looking for him.

When no one came to claim him he became an Angel City Pit Bull. His foster home was none other than the home in front of which he had his fateful accident. And of course, his foster family fell in love, including his brindle sister Olive, and decided to make their arrangement permanent. Now, he gets to wear his "I'm adopted" grin every day (and he does.) Thank-you to Erin and Tim for being there for this guy when he needed it most!