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Kyra Found a Family

We met this gorgeous girl at the Baldwin Park Shelter and she absolutely melted us. She had been an owner surrender, brought in with 8 puppies- all of whom were incredibly fluffy and quickly adopted. However, as tends to happen, this sweet young mama was left alone and the volunteers at the shelter were heartbroken when her euthanasia date started fast approaching. They called us to talk about what a sweet, polite, loving girl she was and within minutes of meeting her, we understood why they were so in love. She came home with us, and within days was crate trained with no issues (she really is a quiet one!) and knew sit, stay, come, lay down... the whole thing. Normally we try and train our foster dogs to sit politely to be pet, so as not to encourage jumping on guests- but Kyra just came that way, super polite and respectful of everyone's space. One of our favorite things was her amazingly content, closed mouth smile that would appear every time you'd rub behind her ears. Kyra's honey brown eyes also easily melted anyone she met. We knew it wouldn't be long before she found her forever home, and it was true- she was with us just over a month before being adopted by a wonderful family in Beverly Hills :-) She now lives the good life with her big brother Teddy- well, big as in older, he's actually much smaller in stature. However, don't tell him that- ha! He totally runs the show, and Kyra loves it. We are so thankful to Kyra's awesome family for being such wonderful loving parents who always rescue their dogs and are true supporters of our mission! Thank you, thank you, thank you.